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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wendy & Lisa Deserve Additional Score Release!

As some of you may know, Wendy & Lisa are currently the score composers for 3 shows: Heroes, Nurse Jackie, and Mercy. Although the dynamic duo has released a score for Heroes (which can be purchased here: La La Land Records or Amazon Heroes Score), they have created additional wonderful score which has not been released and is not available to us fans.

To remedy this travesty, I am asking fans to help campaign to have more score released by Wendy & Lisa! Basically, if you have a little time and an internet connection, I am asking that you send Showtime and La-La Land Records (who released The Heroes Score) a polite e-mail explaining how much you love the Nurse Jackie and Heroes scores (respectively) and how nice it would be to have the score music released (additional score in the case of Heroes).

  • La-La Land Records has a contact e-mail address where you can request that additional Heroes score be released:
Please note that neither Wendy nor Lisa have anything to do with this request. This is solely a grass-roots effort by the fans to get more of their score released! I have already sent in my request e-mails, will you?

If you would like to have more information on Wendy & Lisa as score composers as well as wonderful samples of their score, please go to the pages on their Official Website, here: Wendy & Lisa Composers  and here: Wendy & Lisa Score Samples

If you would like even more samples of score from shows past and present, please visit the ‘Our Scores, Themes, Cues’ playlist here: Wendy & Lisa’s You Tube Channel.

If you do decide to campaign for more Wendy & Lisa score, I THANK YOU very much in advance!!!


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