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Thursday, October 15, 2009

SpinOff Premiers This Friday (October 16) on!

What do you get when you mix Wendy & Lisa’s manager, Renata, and personality, Felacity Dickman? You get SpinOff; a brand new show on! The show will feature an eclectic range of music that will be sure to test your musical knowledge and to keep you entertained for the entire two hours. If you caught the Girl Bros Radio show last month with Lisa and Renata, then you will have an idea of what to expect with SpinOff. Renata came up with most of the music for that show and many of you enjoyed the great ‘cover’ segment!

Of course, in addition to the great music is the always interesting Luxuria chat! Last week, during the chat, topics ranged from scary movies, to cancer, to religion. There is no telling what will be discussed on the chat, BUT it is always interesting!

So, stop by on Friday, October 16th at 9pm (PST) to be entertained by great music and great conversation courtesy of SpinOff!

To see when the show will be airing in your section of the world, click here:  SpinOff Time


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