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Monday, June 26, 2000

Online store features Wendy & Lisa merchandise

Madhouse Music Online has a new URL as well as a new selection of Wendy & Lisa products. The UK website specializes in Prince and related artists, and has recently added an expanded Wendy & Lisa section. Some items are listed online. There is also a blurb that to get the full listing of "7", 12", CD, CASS, POSTERS, MAGAZINES, BADGES ETC." to send a Self addressed envelope. There is also a full host of other related artists featured at the site, with tons of goodies for each, and multiple pages for Prince items.

[Miss Katrina wants to point out that Madhouse didn't ask for a blurb, but we thought they were cool and gave them one anyway. Still, we haven't used the site yet, and can't endorse it. Caveat emptor, and enjoy!]

Monday, June 19, 2000

New MP3s at

Two new MP3s were added to the Disco-Graphy section at last night, and other downloadables were given a slightly different format. The two latest releases are a snippet from the 1995 Dangerous Minds score and a gorgeous selection from The Third Wheel called "Shadows from the Bridge." More MP3s are due soon from The Third Wheel and Babymother (a British film as yet unreleased in the US, which Wendy & Lisa scored), and possibly demos from a number of other films.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Neil Finn Concert with Wendy & Lisa currently has a fan review of a recent performance down under by Neil Finn. Finn was joined by Wendy & Lisa, who are currently contributing studio work to an upcoming Finn album. In addition to backing Finn on his own work, the duo played a few songs of their own, including "Mother of Pearl," "I Will," and what seem to be additional tracks from the Girl Bros. album.

Finn also hinted about possible upcoming performances, so New Zealander readers should keep their ears perked up for more.

Wendy & Lisa session work with Neil Finn

Wendy & Lisa are currently involved with session work for an upcoming album by Neil Finn. Wendy Melvoin had already contributed some session work in a three week stint in the summer of 1999.

Wendy Melvoin on new k. d. lang album

k. d. lang's Invincible Summer, due in stores June 20, will feature guesting by Wendy & Lisa's Wendy Melvoin. The two have worked together on a number of projects over the last decade. lang contributed backing vocals to Wendy & Lisa's "Mother of Pearl" in 1990, and most recently Melvoin and partner Lisa Coleman both contributed instrumentation to lang's Drag album.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

More Wendy & Lisa T-Shirts coming

And if that weren't enough Wendy & Lisa news . . . demand has been so great in the wake of the Great Eroica T-Shirt Find that Girl Bros. T Shirts are going to print to meet the demand for great Wendy & Lisa garb.

Keep checking for details.