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Sunday, December 31, 2000

Year in Review - 2000

In recent years, Wendy & Lisa have existed not only as a band, but as some of the most sought after sessionists in the business. The last year has proved no exception. After the excitement, shows and press surrounding 1998's critically acclaimed Girl Bros., Wendy & Lisa have returned to their places behind the scenes to create more of the best music you never knew they worked on. Here are highlights from the session work, scoring, press and other goodies that made up the Wendy and Lisa year.

Session Work

There were a number of appearances as Bramhall with frontman Doyle Bramhall II. Beginning on February 12, Austin City Limits began airing its Bramhall session. Taped in late 1999, the session featured four songs by the band, with Wendy & Lisa (and Susannah Melvoin, of course) in the lineup.

Wendy Melvoin, as always, proved herself as one of the hardest-working sessionists in the business. In April she was in the studios with Jonatha Brooke, working out song ideas for an upcoming Brooke album Steady Pull,, due for release on CD and DVD in February 2001. May saw the release of two albums featuring Wendy's session work. First came the bass and guitar work she did with Japanese artist Bonnie Pink, under the auspices of producer friend Mitchell Froom. Let Go featured Wendy's work on the track "Call My Name." Two weeks later, Pearl Jam released Binaural, featuring Wendy's work on percussion.

There were the family sessions with Susannah and Doyle Bramhall II on Riding With The King. The Eric Clapton and B. B. King collaboration featured "Marry You" and "I Wanna Be" from Bramhall's Jellycream, so naturally (at least some of) the band came along for the ride. Wendy and Susannah contributed backing vocals not only to those tracks but the majority of the album. And in family sessions of another variety, Wendy lent guitar licks to k. d. lang's Invincible Summer. Whew!

Wendy didn't have all the fun, though. Wendy & Lisa both flew down under over the summer to help out Neil Finn with some studio work for his second -- still untitled -- solo album. They also took part in a handful of live dates -- including a concert in September for the 2000 Olympics. On many of the live dates, Finn gave the duo time to display a few songs of their own, a small showcase from the Girl Bros. album. (You can check out a hint of Neil Finn live on the recently released Sessions at 54th St. DVD.)


With the television show Snoops cancelled, Wendy & Lisa had time to pick up other scoring work. They spent the first half of the year scoring the upcoming film The Third Wheel starring Ben Affleck. At last report, the film was due to be released in early 2001.

Late fall saw the (apparently very limited) release of Loving Jezebel, which Wendy & Lisa scored in 1999.


ROCKRGRL was all over Wendy & Lisa this year. First, they gave the duo kudos in their list of Rock's Greatest 50 Women of All Time, calling the duo an "underappreciated national treasure," while ranking them at place 27 in the list. Then they gave Wendy & Lisa a four page interview in their May/June 2000 issue. (If you missed it, don't worry -- they have back issues available at the website.) Last but not least, they invited Wendy & Lisa to be panelists at their Music Conference 2000 in November.

New Music Monthly demonstrated actually having a clue while commenting on Wendy Melvoin's contributions to the new Scritti Politti album Anomie & Bonhomie. Their coverage of the all star cast on the album included mention of "guitarist Wendy Melvoin of Wendy & Lisa fame." (Musiczone wishes that other members of the press would follow this lead, and remember Wendy & Lisa for things they've actually done in the last fifteen years!)

Not everyone was thrilled with Wendy & Lisa's session work, though. The Night Owl gave them mixed reviews for their work on Doyle Bramhall II's two albums, almost accusing them of stealing Bramhall away from his guitar roots. The review praised their influence on "Close to Heaven," but said that "Marry You" sounded like a "second-rate Wendy & Lisa tune." (Ow!)

Random Weirdness

While there were no new releases from Wendy & Lisa this year, there were a few visits from the ghosts of Wendy & Lisa past.

Two British hits compilation albums released in April featured Wendy & Lisa singles from the Eighties. Wild Angels features 1989's "Lolly Lolly," while companion album Modern Madonnas includes "Are You My Baby."

Adding to the slate of nearly obscure Wendy & Lisa cover songs, UK girl group Made in London released a cover of Wendy & Lisa's 1989 single "Satisfaction," on a four-track single Dirty Water, which also features a cover of Grace Jones' "Pull Up to the Bumper."

So . . . after all that work, did we still miss something? Send us your additions and corrections! And however you spend the New Year, enjoy!

Friday, December 22, 2000

Second Skin to Air on HBO

HBO will be airing Second Skin, with a score by Wendy & Lisa, beginning tonight. The film noir piece follows a man trying to escape from the mob, while being drawn back to his past by a mysterious woman. Peter Fonda is among the cast of this foreign thriller.

Can't catch the movie tonight? No worries. You can find the schedule for upcoming showings through January at

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Doyle II to join Trouble in concert

Doyle Bramhall II is among the artists slated to make a guest appearance January 12 at the Double Trouble and Friends show at Austin City Music Hall. Other guests include Susan Tedeschi, Jonny Lang, Charlie Sexton, Jimmie Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Whew! No word yet as to whether Wendy & Lisa will be part of the Bramhall lineup for the show.

Fans of Double Trouble can also see them at Sweet Mary Aid at La Zona Rosa on January 10. Shawn Colvin, Double Trouble, Marcia Ball, Mojo Nixon, Asleep at the Wheel, and a slate of others are scheduled to appear, along with "very special guests."

For ticket information on either show, you can go directly to, or for more information, check out the Austin Music Hall website.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Loving Jezebel opens in theaters

Loving Jezebel, a new comedy with a score by Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, opens in selected theaters today. For more information on the movie, check out the nifty cool Mr. Showbiz link provided by SOSGemini at the Imusic BBS, or the official movie web site.

[It appears the official site is 'no longer with us', so the Yahoo site will have to do . . . -- Ed 2004]

[Okay, now all of those links are probably dead. I suspect we're all better off that way. Really. -- Ed. 2009]

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

ROCKRGRL conference showcases women in music

A number of female artists and music industry executives are scheduled to appear at the ROCKRGRL Music Conference 2000, this November 2-4 in Seattle.

On the panelist roster from the music side are Ronnie Spector, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman of Wendy & Lisa, Kate Schellenbach of Luscious Jackson and the Beastie Boys, and a host of others. For more information, and registration links, check out the panelist page at ROCKRGRL. Thanks to the good folks at the Imusic BBS and for hipping us to it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Wendy & Lisa down under with Neil Finn

Wendy & Lisa are due to play three Australian shows this week with Neil Finn. On September 21 and 22 they'll be playing in Melbourne, then on the 23rd they'll be part of a free show at the Domain in Sydney. For more information check out or

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Girl Brothers Network Issue Four

The fourth issue of GBN Magazine is "almost done," according to a recent post from a staffer. The Eroica-themed issue will also include current news and pics from Wendy & Lisa's work with Neil Finn. You can sneak a peek at the cover, check out back issues, or get information on joining the Network at GBNetwork Online.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Wendy & Lisa mention in

Wendy & Lisa get a nice little news blurb at SoCal website this week. Check out the Spins n' Needles section for that, and also a nice mention of Wendy in the new k. d. lang review.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Wendy & Lisa appear on two new compilation albums

Wendy & Lisa tracks appear on two new compilation albums appearing this summer. 1989's "Lolly Lolly" appears among the tracks on Wild Angels, which also includes tracks by the Pet Shop Boys, Stevie Nicks and others. "Are You My Baby" appears on a second compilation, Modern Madonnas, from the same label: Best Music International.

Monday, June 26, 2000

Online store features Wendy & Lisa merchandise

Madhouse Music Online has a new URL as well as a new selection of Wendy & Lisa products. The UK website specializes in Prince and related artists, and has recently added an expanded Wendy & Lisa section. Some items are listed online. There is also a blurb that to get the full listing of "7", 12", CD, CASS, POSTERS, MAGAZINES, BADGES ETC." to send a Self addressed envelope. There is also a full host of other related artists featured at the site, with tons of goodies for each, and multiple pages for Prince items.

[Miss Katrina wants to point out that Madhouse didn't ask for a blurb, but we thought they were cool and gave them one anyway. Still, we haven't used the site yet, and can't endorse it. Caveat emptor, and enjoy!]

Monday, June 19, 2000

New MP3s at

Two new MP3s were added to the Disco-Graphy section at last night, and other downloadables were given a slightly different format. The two latest releases are a snippet from the 1995 Dangerous Minds score and a gorgeous selection from The Third Wheel called "Shadows from the Bridge." More MP3s are due soon from The Third Wheel and Babymother (a British film as yet unreleased in the US, which Wendy & Lisa scored), and possibly demos from a number of other films.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Neil Finn Concert with Wendy & Lisa currently has a fan review of a recent performance down under by Neil Finn. Finn was joined by Wendy & Lisa, who are currently contributing studio work to an upcoming Finn album. In addition to backing Finn on his own work, the duo played a few songs of their own, including "Mother of Pearl," "I Will," and what seem to be additional tracks from the Girl Bros. album.

Finn also hinted about possible upcoming performances, so New Zealander readers should keep their ears perked up for more.

Wendy & Lisa session work with Neil Finn

Wendy & Lisa are currently involved with session work for an upcoming album by Neil Finn. Wendy Melvoin had already contributed some session work in a three week stint in the summer of 1999.

Wendy Melvoin on new k. d. lang album

k. d. lang's Invincible Summer, due in stores June 20, will feature guesting by Wendy & Lisa's Wendy Melvoin. The two have worked together on a number of projects over the last decade. lang contributed backing vocals to Wendy & Lisa's "Mother of Pearl" in 1990, and most recently Melvoin and partner Lisa Coleman both contributed instrumentation to lang's Drag album.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

More Wendy & Lisa T-Shirts coming

And if that weren't enough Wendy & Lisa news . . . demand has been so great in the wake of the Great Eroica T-Shirt Find that Girl Bros. T Shirts are going to print to meet the demand for great Wendy & Lisa garb.

Keep checking for details.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Wendy & Lisa listed on ROCKRGRL 50 Best

ROCKRGRL gives kudos to Wendy & Lisa in their list of "Rock's 50 Greatest Women of all Time." Ranked at number 27 (right between Tori Amos and Debbie Harry), Wendy & Lisa are finally recognized in print as "an under-appreciated national treasure." You can find the January/February issue on shelves now. Thanks to the irrepressable Sienna St. John for the tip.

Saturday, January 22, 2000

Bramhall to play at the Roxy

Bramhall is scheduled to open for Shannon Curfman on Feb 2 at the Roxy in Los Angeles. Wendy & Lisa have often been part of Bramhall's live band, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible surprise appearance. For ticket information, contact the Roxy Theater at (310) 278-9457. For more information on upcoming Bramhall tour dates, keep checking the tour section at the official Bramhall site.

Friday, January 21, 2000

Girl Brothers Network Mugs

Girl Brothers Network members can expect a pleasant holiday surprise in their mailboxes this week. The staff of GBNetwork Magazine has sent out shiny black mugs with the Girl Bros. logo. The third issue of the fan magazine should also be arriving in mailboxes shortly. You can find out more about GBN at the new GBN website.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Wendy & Lisa mention in Scritti Politti article

Wendy & Lisa get a quick mention in a recent New Music Monthly feature on the U. S. release of Scritti Politti's Anhomie and Bonhomie. While the article goes into no great detail on the "album's all star line up," it does briefly touch on the involvement of MeShell Ndegeocello and "guitarist Wendy Melvoin of Wendy & Lisa fame." Has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Wendy & Lisa to score The Third Wheel

Wendy & Lisa are confirmed to score the upcoming film The Third Wheel, according to the current issue of Film Score Monthly (Vol 4, No. 9). The film, starring Ben Affleck (Dogma, Chasing Amy), Matt Damon (Dogma, Good Will Hunting) and Denise Richards (Wild Things), is currently in post-production and has no confirmed release date as yet.

Branhall taping to air on ACL

Those of you interested in seeing the Austin City Limits featuring Bramhall should set your VCRs. The show, taped last fall, is tentatively scheduled to air on PBS on February 12. (Check local listings for details.) The Bramhall lineup for the show does include Wendy, Lisa, and Susannah, and it's rumored to have been an excellent show.