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Friday, March 26, 2010

NEW, NEW, BRAND NEW Wendy & Lisa Items Available for Purchase!!!

Through Topspin Media, Wendy & Lisa have given fans the ability to download their own customizable ‘deluxe package’! Fans can choose from new cool items such as stickers, guitar picks (or plectrums for some of you), signed Heroes & Nurse Jackie CDs, signed Original 7" pressings of Waterfall/Honeymoon Express, and extremely cool hoodies!

Hurry! Some of the items are in very limited quantity and will sell out quickly!
To visit Wendy & Lisa’s NEW customizable package store, click here: Deluxe Package Store

NEW Wendy & Lisa 'Balloon' Remix Released!

Wendy & Lisa (along with their manager Renata Kanclerz) were nice enough to release a new remix of ‘Balloon’! The remix was done by Josh Boardman of a new band called ‘Battle Tapes’.

To read more about the remix, click here: Balloon (The Battle Tapes Remix)

To download the remix, click the ‘download’ button below.

Wendy & Lisa to Appear at WonderCon2010 on April 2, 2010!

Wendy & Lisa will be a part of a panel discussing their television composing work at San Francisco’s WonderCon! The panel is titled “Setting the Score: Composing for Film & Television for Sci-Fi/Fantasy”. The panel will take place Friday, April 2nd from 1:30-2:30pm in rooms 236/238. The panel will be moderated by Anne Cecere (Director of Film/TV Relations of BMI). Besides Wendy and Lisa, the panelists will include Jim Dooley, Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn.

If you can make it, please stop by and hear the valuable advice that Wendy and Lisa have to share regarding their TV composing. I am also sure that they would love to see you there!

If you are interested in attending WonderCon, click here for registration and other information: WonderCon

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DJ Wendy Returns To The Mic on (Fri-March 12-9PM PCT)!

Join DJ Wendy for great music and great conversation on! She will be back in front of the mic on Friday, March 12, at 9PM!

DJ Wendy always brings a great variety of music that is sure to get you on your feet (or at least moving in your chair) :-) Along with the great music, you will be sure to hear interesting music facts and stories (she has plenty of them) and will, no doubt, have fun in Luxuriamusic’s chat room!

So, if you can, stop by DJ Wendy’s show on! With the great music, stories, and chat, you are sure to have a great time!

To hear the show when it airs, click here:

To see when the show will air in your part of the world, click here: Time and Date

Friday, March 5, 2010

SpinOFF (Episode 006) Returns Tonight, March 5th on!

Join Felacity Dickman and Renta Kanclerz (Wendy and Lisa's manager) tonight (Friday) for the sixth installment of SpinOFF! As usual, they will play great new music, have interesting tales from the 80s, and will have fun in the chat. They will also have a special guest in the studio, so tune in to hear their special guest!

Stop by, relax, tune into, and get in the mood for an entertaining and fun-filled 2 hours!

You can hear SpinOFF on tonight Friday, March 5th at 9pm PST. To find out when the show airs in your part of the world, click here: TimeAndDate

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wendy & Lisa’s Nurse Jackie Season One Soundtrack NOW Available!!!

If you have ever watched Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, then you know that along with great drama, the show features a wonderful score! From the funky theme song to the more melodic cues, the music from Nurse Jackie is as exciting and varied as the moods conveyed by the show’s lead character (played by Edie Falco). Fortunately, fans of the show and fans of Wendy & Lisa can now download the Nurse Jackie Score! The score features a range of music from funky tracks such as the ‘Nurse Jackie Main Title’, ‘Fruity Pebble Lovin’, and ‘Google Search’ to more playful and upbeat tracks such as ‘Nurse Akalitus’, ‘Candyman’, and ‘Back To Work’ to beautiful melodies such as ‘Peter Michael Donovan’s Drivers License’, ‘Let’s Take A Class Together’, ‘Sending Letters’, and ‘I’ll Be Home Soon’. With a total of 30 tracks, there is something for just about everyone! So, treat yourself to some good music and pick up the Nurse Jackie score.

You can download the album, directly from Lionsgate here: Nurse Jackie Score Digital

or, if you prefer having a physical copy, you can order the Nurse Jackie Soundtrack CD from Amazon here: Amazon – Nurse Jackie Soundtrack