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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wendy & Lisa’s Nurse Jackie Season One Soundtrack NOW Available!!!

If you have ever watched Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, then you know that along with great drama, the show features a wonderful score! From the funky theme song to the more melodic cues, the music from Nurse Jackie is as exciting and varied as the moods conveyed by the show’s lead character (played by Edie Falco). Fortunately, fans of the show and fans of Wendy & Lisa can now download the Nurse Jackie Score! The score features a range of music from funky tracks such as the ‘Nurse Jackie Main Title’, ‘Fruity Pebble Lovin’, and ‘Google Search’ to more playful and upbeat tracks such as ‘Nurse Akalitus’, ‘Candyman’, and ‘Back To Work’ to beautiful melodies such as ‘Peter Michael Donovan’s Drivers License’, ‘Let’s Take A Class Together’, ‘Sending Letters’, and ‘I’ll Be Home Soon’. With a total of 30 tracks, there is something for just about everyone! So, treat yourself to some good music and pick up the Nurse Jackie score.

You can download the album, directly from Lionsgate here: Nurse Jackie Score Digital

or, if you prefer having a physical copy, you can order the Nurse Jackie Soundtrack CD from Amazon here: Amazon – Nurse Jackie Soundtrack


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