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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wendy & Lisa's "Nurse Jackie Season One Soundtrack" To Be Released March 2, 2010!!!!

Wendy & Lisa are set to release another album this year: The score to Season One of Nurse Jackie!!!  According to Wendy & Lisa's website, this CD will be a bit funkier and their manager, Renata Kanclerz, has stated that this is her favorite Wendy & Lisa CD so far!!! With such accolades, I can not wait to hear the entire CD! 

You can pre-order the CD directly from Lionsgate, here: Nurse Jackie - Lionsgate
OR directly from Amazon, here: Nurse Jackie - Amazon
You can also, thanks to Amazon, listen to some clips from the album below!

Congratulations to Wendy & Lisa for releasing another album!!! 

Thank You from us fans!!!


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