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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wendy & Lisa Release Touch Theme!

Are you saddened by having to wait until Fall for anothe episode Touch? Well, you can re-live the opening sequence *anytime* you want to!  Thankfully, the ladies were allowed to release the Touch Theme on iTunes! It features 2 slightly different versions: 1) Girls Brothers Mix and 2) Battle Tapes Mix.  The Girls Brothers Mix features a few more instruments than the show opener.  In addition, some of you who answered Lisa's call for sining numbers (a while back, Lisa asked fans to call in and sing 1....10 in the same tune as the alphabet) just might hear yourselves at the end of The Girls Brothers Mix. Very cool!!!!

So, give yourselves a treat and pick up the Touch Theme on iTunes!  You can find it here: Touch Theme iTunes