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Monday, October 5, 2009

MusicRX Finds a Wendy & Lisa ‘Hidden Treasure’!

After he ‘totally missed it’ for 10 years, Mog blogger, MusicRX describes how he found the Girl Bros album. In addition, MusicRX also gives a very good brief review of the album. It is wonderful to hear that, even after 10 years, this beautiful album is still finding new fans! YAY!!!

A Hidden Treasure

I know... you're saying, "is he nuts?" Well, I would have said that too.

Before this week, I only knew of these gals as former Prince prodigies and cast offs, who do Prince like dance pop. Well I was wrong. They released this album about 10 years ago and I totally missed it.

But, it's a wonderful rock album. At times, it is Heart/Bangles like, others times it's more Joni Mitchell and Steven Still like. The vocals are not pretentious and oft times haunting. It also gets a bit psychedelic too. I really like what they do on this album and wanted you to hear this unexpected treasure.

To see the rest of the post and to hear a few tracks from the Girl Bros album, click here: MusicRX_Hidden_Treasure


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