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Monday, October 5, 2009

Fans (and King Britt) React to Wendy & Lisa’s Sweet Suite Remix!

In the week following the release of King Britt’s ‘Sweet Suite Remix’, fans have posted the track on their blogs and have given the remix good reviews! Below are several great comments from King Britt himself, the ‘Tress for Breakfast’ blog, and the ‘Time To Play B-Sides’ blog.

On his blog, King Britt wrote: “I cant believe it myself. I have worked with Wendy and Lisa. Whoa!.... Enjoy kids!” 

Trees for Breakfast writes,
“Are you ready for 10 minutes of pure, cosmic dopeness? This was a treat to behold earlier today and I couldn’t let the day pass before sharing it. First off, if you don’t know who Wendy & Lisa are, please do your research immediately. They have just blessed the blogosphere and the Internet as a whole with a remix project they are working on. One of their first collabs comes via Philly’s own King Britt. I can’t describe it any better than they did: “a slippery, dark, under-the-covers remix.” I’m gonna need to lay down and close my eyes to this one. Incredible.”
You can read the rest of the post, here: Trees For Breakfast_SweetSuite

Time To Play B-Sides writes,
“The fine folks in the Wendy & Lisa camp are giving away a remix of my favorite track on the new White Flags of Winter Chimneys album “Sweet Suite.” Done by the Philly DJ/Producer King Britt.
The 9:57 track reimagines the stripped-down, dreamy, slightly melancholy track that I think could have sat alongside tracks on Parade into a downtempo electro number. On the album, “Sweet Suite” has a bit of a reprise of “Balloon” as a way to tie off the album tidily. This remix spends no time in the reprise, but breaks down the main theme in a very different light.
The track was debuted on the 9/4 episode of Girl Bros. Radio at Luxuria Music at which point I found out that the track would be made available, and here it is! According to the e-mail that was sent out today this is part of a White Flags of Winter Chimneys Remix Album they are working on! Very, very cool! (vinyl, please!).”
You can read the rest of the post, here: Time To Play B-Sides _SweetSuite


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