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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wendy & Lisa Talk About Scoring Virtuality

Oops! I don't know how I missed this interview! The Good Ship Phaeton interviewed Wendy & Lisa about their 'Virtuality' scoring gig. During the interview, the ladies discuss how they landed the gig, the 'feeling' that they hope to convey through the score, and their feelings about the show!

I actually watched the 'Virtuality' pilot today (I'm a little late, I know) and thoroughly enjoyed it! It felt a little slow in the beginning (I guess all shows have to be, initially, so that the audience can be filled in on the background), however, by the second half of the show, I was entranced! The second half developed a lot of mystery and someone (not saying who) dies!

At the time of this post, the show has not been picked up by any network :( It is a shame! This show looks very promising and I REALLY would like to know what happens! Like I said, the show ended with a lot of mystery and suspense... It would be nice to see how the plot thickens and turns out!

My theory on why the show has not been picked-up is that it is, perhaps, a little to 'progressive' for some of the prime-time networks :/ The show features an inter-racial couple (Black and Asian) along with a gay couple on the ship. To mature adults, neither of these factors are a big deal. However, after Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction', it seems that a good proportion of the television-viewing audience is not composed of 'mature adults'. Anyway, I hope that one of the major networks can get past those issues (if they are issues) and will realize that the show presents a very intriguing story line that can capture a major viewing audience (much like the TV series Lost).

I have rambled too much! Here is The Good Ship Phaeton Wendy & Lisa Interview: Good Ship Phaeton Talks to Wendy and Lisa


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