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Friday, July 17, 2009

Girl Bros Radio, Something Old/Something New, and Largo!


Girl Bros Radio airs again tonight, July 17th, at 9pm PST (Click here to see when the show will air in your area: Time and Date) on! This go around, DJ Wendy will be controlling the mic and spinning the tunes. There has never been a Girl Bros airing that I did not enjoy! Wendy always plays great (and a good variety of) music and the chat often gets pretty crazy! In addition, Wendy's "partner in crime", Lisa, will be chatting with us! Please stop by and enjoy the good music and crazy conversations!

Please note that has recently made improvements to the chat and website. If you have not already set-up an account, please do so prior to the show (to be on the really safe side, give yourself 30 minutes) so that you can sign-in and join the chat when the show begins. It may be a good idea to log-in to the chat, prior to the show, even if you have already set-up an account.


Wendy & Lisa have a newly released incredibly funky track on their website! The track comes from the Town and Country Club (London) performance in 1989! The track is titled ‘Oh Wow’ and lives up to its name! You can check it out by clicking on the 'OH WOW' button below or by checking out the Wendy & Lisa Offical Website: Free MP3 of OH WOW (Note: In order to successfully download the track, you will have to provide a VALID e-mail address).



Wendy & Lisa have announced a NEW upcoming concert at Largo at The Coronet on Saturday, August 1st at 9pm! The ladies truly have a wonderful show and if you don’t believe me, just check out my review of their last concert below. If you are anywhere near the area or if you just want a really cool vacation, I encourage you to check them out! You can find additional details of the show by checking out The Wendy & Lisa Official Website.


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