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Thursday, July 30, 2009 gives The Heroes Score A Geek Score of 9!

Recently, Jorn Tillnes of Soundtrack Geek conducted a very nice review of The Heroes Score CD (2009). Tillnes writes about his initial disappointment with the release of the Heroes Soundtrack (2008) (Note: the ‘Soundtrack’ and the ‘Score’ are two completely separate CDs) because of its lack of original music (i.e. the score) featured on the show. Tillnes then writes about his happiness at hearing that Wendy & Lisa released the Heroes Score earlier this year: “Not long ago, I heard about the score release which I couldn’t be happier about. I got exactly what I wanted, nay craved, last year, when reviewing the original soundtrack to Heroes.”

Tillnes concludes the review by stating that “[e]ven though Heroes might not be as great as it used to be, the music is really intriguing. It really fits the show well (at least the first season) and the style is great. It’s ethnic and can be quite dramatic. Wendy & Lisa did a great job and I would love to hear music from the third season as well, even though I’m not so into the series anymore. I wish they had a theme for Nathan though, that would be interesting.”

Finally, Tillnes gives The Heroes Score CD a 'Geek Score' of 9 (out of 10)!

To read the entire review, please click here: Soundtrack Geek Heroes Score Review

You may purchase a copy of The Heroes Score (2009) at either of these sites: Amazon - Heroes Score (Note: Amazon labels it the ‘Soundtrack’ but it is actually the score) OR La La Land Records - Heroes Score

(site last visited July 30, 2009)


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