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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lisa Coleman's MusicLAB Returns (This) Friday, July 31st!

Lisa Coleman’s radio extravaganza, MusicLAB, returns on Friday, July 31st, at 9pm PST(Click here to see when the show will air in your area: Time and Date) on! In case you have not had the pleasure of listening to MusicLAB, it is a bit different from DJ Wendy’s show. Of course, as on Wendy’s show, there is still a wide variety of great music, however, Lisa’s show also features US FANS! Prior to the show, Lisa will give us a topic. We then call in (she gives us the number) and we put in our two cents worth! Our recorded memories, opinions, etc. are then played back during the show! It is a neat and cool idea! This week's topic features 'stage fright'. I, myself, have never had stage fright (I stunk so much in the acting dept. that I was actually never given a part in a play), but I look forward to hearing other people's stories!

As usual, in addition to the great music and radio convo, there is THE CHAT!!! has a chat room (you should register to use the chat beforehand, if you haven’t already) where we tend to talk about anything and everything. Recently, the chat also has become a ‘family affair’. In earlier chats, Wendy’s sister, Susannah, has stopped by and during the last Girl Bros Radio chat (July 17th), Lisa’s sister, Cole, stopped by to say hello to her sis and us! The chat is always a LOT of fun and you never know who may enter the room to say ‘hi! So, if you have the time, make it to MusicLAB this Friday! It is ALWAYS a lot of fun and I’m sure you will have a good time!

If you have missed any of the previous Girl Bros Radio programs, you can download the podcasts from Luxuriamusic here: Girl Bros Radio Podcasts


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