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Friday, June 12, 2009

Girl Bros Radio Back Tonight (Friday, July 12)!

Tonight, DJ Lisa will be flexing her radio skills with a brand new Girl Bros radio program titled ‘MusicLAB’. The first installment of MusicLAB will discuss our ‘first experiences listening to radio’... Hopefully, all of us should be old enough to remember the radio... if not... it’s past your bedtime! Go to bed!

In addition to our first radio experience musings, DJ Wendy will also be in the studio and, undoubtedly, in the chat. Girl Bros radio is ALWAYS a good time! Hope to see you there!

MusicLAB will air tonight (July 12) at 9pm (PST).

You can read The Official Wendy & Lisa MusicLAB announcement by clicking here: MusicLAB Announcement

You can also find direct links to the radio streams courtesy of The Official Wendy & Lisa site here: W&L MusicLAB Radio Links

Not sure when 9pm (PST) is in your corner of the Earth? Check here:


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