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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Earlier this year, Wendy & Lisa did an amazing interview with Jane And Jane Magazine's Catherine Plato. In the interview, the ladies get personal and talk about homosexuality, their 20 year relationship, and the making of White Flags of Winter Chimneys.

Below is a brief excerpt to the interview.


During the 10 years between the release of their fourth album, Girl Bros., and their most recent, White Flags of Winter Chimneys, released in February, Wendy and Lisa ended their 20-year marriage. And though they have settled into new relationships (Wendy with High Art film director Lisa Cholodenko and Lisa with the band’s manager Renata Kanclerz) and both have had children in recent years, the women continue to work together as perhaps the most functional and respectful exes in history. The new album is available through iTunes, and

J&J: How did you come up with the album title?

Lisa: The title is from a Joni Mitchell record called Hejira, and it came from that specific song. There’s a lyric in the very last verse that says “white flags of winter chimneys waving truce against the moon,” and it’s written in the form of a breakup song, actually. So she’s sitting in a cafĂ©, she’s reflecting on this relationship and all relationships that she’s had and sort of lamenting but coming off strong—which is so Joni Mitchell—and so we felt like it kind of fits what we’ve been through over the past 400 years. And being a couple, you know, Wendy and I were married for 20 years, and we survived the deaths of both of our brothers, we survived a career in the music business playing with Prince, scoring films, being women, being gay, and we’ve had all these battles and skirmishes and it’s been 10 years since our last actual CD. We’ve been scoring and we went through the breakup of our marriage and there was something about this collection of songs that seemed to sum up all of these feelings.

To read the rest of the interview, please click here: Jane And Jane Interview

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