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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daryle Lockhart Talks About "Growing up on Wendy & Lisa"

In an entertaining testimony, marketer-DJ-filmmaker-musician and blogger, Daryle Lockhart talks about the influence that Wendy & Lisa had on his musical development as well as how Wendy & Lisa have indirectly chosen his girlfriends (and now) wife. Below is an excerpt from his article.

Being a Wendy & Lisa fan, for me, was like belonging to a frat. "Stones & Birth" is a password. If you say it or play it, and someone understands it, you know that you share an experience with someone. That experience of sitting with headphones and hearing layer after layer of clashes and resolutions. Feeling like you'd discovered something. I know for a fact that I dated girls in college who appreciated the first W&L album, and if they didn't, well, they were probably really good looking so it didn't matter.

To read the rest of his article, please visit the following site (note: not sure if clicking the link will work. You may have to copy/paste link):

(site last visited June 18, 2009)


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