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Friday, April 9, 2010

Lisa Coleman at WonderCon!!!

The Heroes fan site, House Petrelli, was at WonderCon on April 2nd and attended the "Setting the Score: Composing for Film & Television" panel that featured Lisa Coleman who (as you know) co-composes the score for Heroes. The interview gives great insight on what happened during the WonderCon panel as well as new information regarding how Lisa and Wendy compose Heroes. For example, the article mentions that up until last season, Lisa and Wendy did not have a separate ‘sound designer’. Therefore, they were responsible for “combining music, sound effects and dialogue into a complete overall sound for the show.” In addition, Lisa discusses the beautiful cello piece written earlier in the season for the character ‘Emma’. The article is very interesting and insightful for those interested in composing and for Wendy & Lisa fans, in general. To read the article, please click here: Lisa Coleman at WonderCon

Below, is a short excerpt from the interview:

When asked how she and Wendy were chosen for working on Heroes, she explained that they'd already worked with Tim Kring on Crossing Jordan, and when he came to them with the idea for Heroes, she thought to herself, "It was spiritual and high-minded, and I said 'It doesn't have a chance, but thanks anyway...'" Naturally, the room found that very amusing.

"Heroes has been a composer's dream to work on," she said. "It's been extremely gratifying as a composer."

Curiously, the show didn't have a separate sound designer until this past season, so Wendy and Lisa had to do all that too. Sound design is the art of combining music, sound effects and dialogue into a complete overall sound for the show. Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn talked about having to do the same thing, and they pitched the idea that the music and sound design are one and the same, or should be. This was nicely demonstrated for the audience with the use of video clips showing a scene from Avatar before and after the sound design and score had been added. It clearly demonstrated how music was used as both an effect and a score.
To read the entire interview, click here: Lisa Coleman at WonderCon


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