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Thursday, April 22, 2010

DJ Wendy Returns To The Mic, Friday, April 23rd on!!!

Girl Bros Radio returns this Friday with DJ Wendy (Wendy Melvoin) and Felacity Dickman controlling the mic, the music, and the chat! The show will air on on Friday, April 23rd at 9 (PST). Rumor has it, that this show will feature solely instrumentals. During the Halloween show, DJ Wendy featured scores from movies which proved to be very interesting and entertaining! Tune in this Friday to hear a show that promises to be just an interesting!  If anyone can make vocal-less music sound good, it is Wendy :)

To read more about the show, click on the following link to Luxuriamuic: DJ Wendy-No Vocals

To see when the show will air in your part of the world, click here: Time and Date

Also, as a side-note (but somewhat related), the terrific site that hosts Girl Bros Radio,, is in need of donations to keep the station up and running. If you enjoy the Girl Bros Radio shows (as well as the other wonderful shows on the station) and can spare a donation, please click here: Luxuria Donation . Anything would be appreciated to keep the great shows that they have on the air!!!


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