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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watch The Premier of Wendy & Lisa’s Newest Scoring Adventure, “Prime Suspect”!

Tonight, on NBC, you can watch the premier of “Prime Suspect”. According to the show’s website "Prime Suspect takes a look inside a New York City homicide department. The series stars Maria Bello ("A History of Violence") as tough-as-nails NYPD homicide Detective Jane Timoney, an outsider who has just transferred to a new squad where her new colleagues already dislike her.” The show is based on a “critically acclaimed” UK television series of the same name.

I have seen the show’s commercials and it looks very interesting (if you are into police dramas). Aside from the interesting plot, however, you will be able to listen to none other than Wendy & Lisa performing the score! Lately, they have been hard at work composing the score for each episode and I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for Prime Suspect. The show appears to definitely have a different feel from Heroes, Nurse Jackie, Carnivale, Crossing Jordan, and even Snoops, so it will be interesting to see what they come with to help tell a story that appears to be more ‘gritty’ than their past television series.

Prime Suspect will air Thursdays on NBC.  Be sure to check your local television listings for the time!


Anonymous said...

Who sings the song (and what song) is played at the end of prime suspect episode 2 (carnivorous sheep)?

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