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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Check Out Wendy & Lisa’s Girl Bros Radio!

Wendy & Lisa, along with their amazing manager Renata, have started a brand new radio station called (what else?) ‘Girl Bros Radio’! Thanks to Live365, Wendy, Lisa, and Renata will be able to spin you their favorite tunes as well as resume live shows! Currently, the station is up and running, so why not go and listen to music from great artists as well as clips from prior Girl Bros Radio shows.

Renata has done a GREAT job allowing listeners different ways to access the show.  You can listen to the show by clicking on this link: Girl Bros Radio

You can also chat with fellow Wendy & Lisa fans (along with the ladies themselves, eventually) via the Parachat iPhone App for those of you on the go.

To read about ALL of the different ways that you can access the radio program as well information on CHAT options, take a look at the radio information from Wendy & Lisa’s Official Site, here: Girl Bros Radio Official Site

To get the very latest updates on the happenings at Girl Bros Radio, feel free to ‘like’ their page on Facebook, here: Girl Bros Radio Facebook Page


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