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Monday, November 2, 2009

Wendy and Lisa At The Women In Film Panel on 'Music in Film and Television'

On Wednesday, October 28th, Wendy and Lisa, along with Helene Muddiman, Lisbeth Scott, Hillary Thomas, and Lisa Gewirtz, discussed their experiences of being women in the scoring industry for film and television.

grenniMedia wrote a brief summary of the Women In Film Panel on ‘Music in Film and Television’. Unfortunately, the brief summary did not include many quotes from Wendy & Lisa, however, it did provide a nice picture of the ladies with the other panelists.

Below, is an excerpt of “The Sound of Gender: How Women Composers Vigorously Maneuver Hollywood’s Show Biz” by grenniMedia along with a picture of the panelists also courtesy of grenniMedia.

Photo Courtesy of grenniMedia

“In my opinion music is gender free so why should female composers get treated any differently than their male colleagues?” a woman in the audience commented at the speaker series panel - Music in Film and Television - organized by Women In Film. The five female composers who made up the panel at El Torito Grill in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, October 28, all nodded their approval. “Exactly right,” composer Wendy Melvoin agreed. “But unfortunately as women composers we have to work twice as hard to achieve our goals.” Melvoin knows what she’s talking about. Even though she and her musical partner Lisa Coleman used to work for none other than Prince it took them years of knocking at doors in Hollywood before they got their first composing gig. Today, “Wendy & Lisa” are scoring the Emmy-winning NBC drama Heroes, Showtime’s critically-acclaimed Nurse Jackie and NBC’s new drama Mercy.

To read what the other panelists said about music in film and television, please read the rest of the article here:  The Sound of Gender


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