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Monday, September 21, 2009

Wendy & Lisa - Spectrasonics Super ‘Heroes’

In an ‘oldie but goodie’ short interview, Wendy & Lisa do something that you rarely hear/see them do: advertise! In this brief interview, the Dynamic Duo talk about using Spectrasonics instruments. Spectrasonic is a company that develops sampled sound libraries and software instruments.  Below is a quote from the interview where Wendy discusses how Spectrasonics impacts their Heroes score work:

Wendy Melvoin told us, “Spectrasonics has helped us create sonic landscapes that are mind bending and other-worldly. The score to Heroes is full of Atmosphere, Trilogy and Stylus RMX. Spectrasonics instruments are an integral part of the Heroes score. We trust and use them every week!”
To read the entire interview, click here: Spectrasonics - Wendy & Lisa

At the end of the article, there is a link to a video entitled ‘I Need Love’. According to the article, the following individuals play on the video (excluding Wendy and Lisa, of course):

(Chris Bruce - Guitar, Mike Elizondo - Bass, Joey Waronker - Drums, Susannah Melvoin - BG Vox, Cole Ynda - BG Vox, Greg Liesz - Pedal Steel Guitar)

Unfortunately, the link is no longer active (this interview took place in the year 2007). However, the video can now be found on YouTube and can bee seen below:


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