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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wendy & Lisa Talk HEROES and the Future: Sidebar Interview

December 08, 2007

Ep. 27: WENDY & LISA Talk HEROES and the Future

Boys will be boys and girls will be brothers, or at least that's the way Wendy & Lisa see it! These two musicians, re-dubbed The Girl Bros, have been making it funky since their early 80's roots playing with pop music icon Prince. After years of collaborating as the guitarist and keyboardist in his band The Revolution, they left Prince’s camp in 1986 and began establishing their own path. With four great albums to their credit, the third being the glorious Eroica, they put being artists on hold and focused on composing for TV and film. Movies like Dangerous Minds, Soulfood and Something New have all benefited from their touch, plus shows like Crossing Jordan, Carnivale and Brothers and Sisters. But it's NBC's surprise hit Heroes that has everyone buzzing. Heroes is fantastic in and of it's self and it's made all the better by Wendy & Lisa's terrific music. We had a wonderful talk with them in between sessions for the show and they brought us up to speed on this season, the writer's strike and the possible future of Bionic Woman too. We also get into a little of their past with Prince, their early days as recording artists, Seal and their love for comic books and b-movies. It was truly a blast—thanks, grrls!

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