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Monday, May 11, 2009

Exclusive! House Petrelli Wendy and Lisa interview, part 2

House Petrelli: What makes the themes for the different characters unique to them? Instrumentation, obviously, but are there certain keys or scales that you’ll use for certain characters?

Lisa: Yes.

HP: (laughs) Would you like to elaborate?

L: (laughs) Sorry, suddenly the finger pointed at me. There are different ways to establish those things. My favorite that I like to talk about in terms of that is, Hiro. Yatta! Because of his ability to move through space and time, the space/time continuum, and stop time, and it’s all pretty much about time and that sort of thing. We used a marimba for Hiro specifically and I’m sure you’re familiar with his “ticky-tocky ticky-tocky” kind of...

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