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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exclusive! House Petrelli: Wendy and Lisa interview part 1!

House Petrelli: In the scoring process, how much is recycled and how much is custom-composed for the episode?

Wendy: Well, that’s an easy answer. We have not reused one cue in the three seasons that we’ve done. We can’t, because each scene is so specifically composed that if you reuse anything you won’t be hitting the right spots on the characters. So when we go in and listen to the cues when we’re trying to spot the episode, they’ve inevitably thrown a cue in there that works but it’s for the wrong character. So we haven’t reused, and we’ve never wanted to. On Crossing Jordan we were able to repurpose some romantic cues, but again, on this show we don’t, and also I think it helps keep the integrity of the feeling we had from the first season.

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