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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wendy and Lisa (@Wendyandlisa): Pretty Cool Tweeps! by Mikdev

It's not everyday that you get to meet a couple of your musical heroes (pun intended), but that is exactly what happened when I found Wend and Lisa on Twittter! I have been a fan of theirs since the 80s (just writing that makes me feel old) when they were 40% (two-fifths for the fraction challenged) of my all-time favorite band, The Revolution! As a matter of fact, I can remember crying like the emotionally fragile teen-ager that I was, when I heard on MTV News that the band disbanded :( Anyway, despite being sans-Prince, I continued to follow them through their first two albums but then, unfortunately, lost track of them...

I listen to mainly 'Urban' radio and remember that their first couple of albums was played on Urban radio due to the albums' more 'funk' and r&b feel. However, their next two albums definitely fit the 'alternative' genre and didn't get much (if any) airplay on Urban radio. Therefore, I did not knowingly come across their work until I happened to be watching an episode of Jordan's Crossing. The credits read that the score was produced by 'Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman'. I remember my first thought was 'WTH? They are STILL working together?' (Yep! I was clueless). Still, I didn't really think too much else of the duo until a couple of years ago when I came across my old Fruit on The Bottom cassette (feeling old again). I decided to do a quick ‘internets’ search and was ecstatic to find that they had released two albums in my unfortunate fan-absence. After being introduced (and thoroughly enjoying) their new and alternative genre of music, I knew that I was hopping on their bandwagon and would be enjoying the ride!

Forward to a few months ago when I found out they (actually, at the time, only Lisa) was using Twitter! I was ebullient (zestfully enthusiastic) and joined Twitter, in part, so that I could follow them (sounds stalkish… but I’m safe) and my friend @mizerock (since then, however, I have been lucky enough to find many more cool tweeps that I follow). I figured that they probably wouldn't utilize Twitter much and would probably only use it to plug their album (like other famous Twitterers that I won't name). However, I was pleasantly surprised! They are truly hilarious! Wow! You just have to take a look at some of the pictures in their older Tweets to see what I'm talking about! Not only are they funny but they also seem to be kind and patient. I know that I probably would have given some pretty nasty replies to a couple of the questions that they have been asked. However, they seem to respond with a humor and grace that quickly defuses what could be an uncomfortable moment. Also, I have to confess, they have been the recipients of some of my stupidest, corniest, fan-euphoric filled Tweets AND they haven't blocked me YET (although the year is still early)! The fact that I haven't been blocked despite stupid Tweeting proves that they have expanded their motherhood skills of working patiently with toddlers to tweeting patiently with sometimes demented sounding adults. Bravo!

Amazingly, they tweet just about daily and don’t mind letting you know what’s going on in their lives, be it major or insignificant. For example, they have tweeted about the lows of the repeal of Prop. 8, the highs of the release of their new album, and the joys/struggles of motherhood. In addition, they have taken us followers along to Lens Crafters, dental appointments, and television buying. Part of what makes following them fun is that nothing is too trivial for them to tweet (and take pictures) about! We have also been privy to ‘behind the scenes’ pics of their jobs scoring for ‘Heroes’ and ‘Nurse Jackie’ (a pic of ‘Virtuosity’ MUST be coming soon), as well as pics of a few of their interviews.

So to conclude my incessant flattery, I would like to thank Wendy and Lisa for being 'Cool Tweeps'! Your amusing anecdotes, funny photos, and mental musings make following you on Twitter extremely fun and enjoyable! You are two of the coolest rocker moms that I have never actually met ;-)


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