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Monday, August 15, 2005

Pacifico - mini-review

Musically thinking, I think I can die happy now.

A full review has already been promised once I've returned to my regularly scheduled life. [If I ever wrote it, I never posted it. - Ed.]

Let me just say for now:

  • If I'd just been to see Wendy & Lisa and crew live for the first time in seven years with my fabulous and amazing girlfriend - that would have been enough.
  • Sitting absolute front and center at a table a couple of feet from the tiny stage? (And my sweet love making sure I had the best Lisa seat?) That would have been enough.
  • And if I'd just seen the bit where Nikki Costa did lead vocals on their cover of the Beatles' "Yer Blues," that would have been enough.
  • Seeing Cole back on stage singing backing doo wop vocals with Susannah for the first time in probably 15 years (albeit roughly) - that would have been enough.
  • And knowing that I was in the same very small club with that purple guy also watching them (even if he didn't accept the invitation to come onstage and play)? Lots of enoughness there, too.

All pretty cool stuff. But that 20 minutes where the guitar god himself came up on stage and we were less than six feet away from the stage when Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall II and Wendy Melvoin were trading guitar licks and admiring solos on "Trying to Keep it Real (Compared to What?)" That piece out of time where Eric admired Doyle as much as Wendy clearly idolized Eric and we all just fell out of time into the perfect musical nirvana of a seamless jam?

Yes, that.

Musically speaking, I really can die happy now. As Susannah said - you know, this is what it's all about - just a few friends and family getting together to play some music. No big deal. That said - Prince is lucky he declined the offer to get on stage to play "Raspberry Beret". I'm every bit serious when I say even he, even with them, couldn't possibly have followed that . . .


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